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Maintain good health with Yoga at Workdesk. People who sit for long or have a sedentary lifestyle are at higher risk of heart diseases. Thus, people with desk jobs who spend the majority of their day sitting at their desks risk their health. This is in addition to the stress, tension caused at work. Sitting in one place and in a similar posture for long hours can cause tension, stiffness pain in many areas of your body.

Anyone who spends such a large chunk of time of the day sitting or not moving is at a higher risk of negative effects on health. Even if you do workout or exercise on a regular basis if you do not move every now and then from your work desk you remain at high risk. However, if you are in a desk job which requires sitting for long hours how can you take care of your health?  The answer is in Ancient Indian culture.. Yoga at your Work Desk!

It is a good rule to spend 10 mins moving after every 50 mins of sitting at one place. This break of 10 minutes and movement helps in decreasing the negative risk factors. It also helps you feel fresh, more focused, and works positively towards your health.

Yoga At Work

How To incorporate activity in your desk job

You definitely can’t change your clothes to work out or open a yoga mat to do Yoga at work. Hence To break the sedentary all you have to do is move a little bit.

It can be as simple as taking a stroll around on your floor. Now that you are home bound, walk to your kitchen fill in your water bottle and walk around the house.

Take the stairs instead of the lift while you take that break.

Do some Yoga at your Desk.

Yoga  at Workdesk

Work desk Yoga is a great way to move your body and do some stretches without really moving away from your work or getting distracted for longer.

Desk Yoga doesn’t take too much of your time as well, as you don’t have to worry about changing your clothes before and after, you are not really sweating the calories out as such.

Desk Yoga poses you can do during Workday

These are 5 basic yoga poses which are super easy and anyone can do right at your desk sitting in your chair.

Please note : I am not a yoga expert, these are few postures I do myself at my work desk to stay fresh and active.

Mountain Pose

Well I would not really want to call it a yoga pose because you are just working on becoming aware of yourself and your breathing while doing this.

All you have to do is stand straight hands by your side, head straight, close your eyes and breathe. Focus yourself on your breath and your body. This is a great way to letting yourself becoming aware of your body and your breathing. This works great in create some peace in your mind when things are hectic and you are stressed.

The Mountain pose helps me bring my awareness to my posture. Holding this positions with few breathes relaxes me and my mind.

Cat and Cow Pose

The cat and cow pose is a very simple posture to help you mobalise your back and spine. The stretch with this pose helps easing our any tension in the back. By linking the breathing with the movement this pose also helps in calming down the mind.

Sit with your hands on your lap, back straight. When you inhale you arch your spine and open your chest and lift your chin up. On exhaling, you round your back and look down on your thighs. DO this for a couple of times.

Seated Twist

The seated twist helps me with my posture and help me move around a bit without really moving.

A very simple pose, you can do it while sitting in your chair. Sit straight with your feet firmly on the ground. Place your right hand on your chair’s left side, sitting straight look over your left shoulder.

Each time you inhale, sit up a little taller. With each exhale twist a little more till you feel comfortable( do not force yourself). Hold the position for some breaths. Repeat the same with the left arm and right side.

Wrist Stretch

Stretches are always great to relieve from any kind of tension. If you are feeling really tired and your hands and wrists have some strain, try the simple wrist stretch.

This is a wonderful exercise for tired hands and wrists overworked from typing. A few breaths in this posture can offer instant relief.

Interlock fingers of both your hands and flip hands with your palms to face forward. Lift your arms from thigh to shoulder height while breathing in. Press arms forward while straightening your arms. Hold your position for 4-5 breaths and exhale and get your hands down to the thighs.

Side Lean

Another stretching pose which helps your sides and shoulders. It is a great post to release tension from the muscles and help in optimal breathing.

Lift your arms straight over your head. Sit straight, hold your left write with right hand. Now bend to the right side. Hold this position for 5 breaths. Repeat on your other side

Forward Fold

The forward fold yoga post is amazingly effective pose to counter the negative effects of sitting for a very long time.

This can be down in two ways. You can either stand on and hold the edge of your desk or table with hands straight. Letting your chest hand parallel to the floor, notice the stretch in your arms, shoulder and chest.

If you don’t want to get up. Sit on the chair and spread your knees little wider than your hip-distance. Fold your upper body forward towards the floor trying to touch your hands to the floor or hold your ankles.

Both the poses let your head hang releasing the tension in the neck and head. The fresh flow of blood helps you feel energized and refreshed.

Desk Yoga can make a lot of difference to your body and your mind. The regular yoga practice provides immediate relief from sore and tensed muscles. It also strengthens the core and helps in improving your posture.

By sitting straight and strengthening the core muscles many negative effects can be stopped. Desk yoga practice has been a great way of incorporating yoga in my daily life.

Yoga break is a great way to balance your work and incorporate mindfulness in your daily life. Anytime you need a break from your screen, try out these yoga poses.

Have you ever done yoga at work? Share your favorite poses, tips, and tricks in the comments below!

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