Wash Dishes, Sweep Floors: Housework as Meditation

I so agree. Somehow housework is not seen as doing exercise, so a cleaner is employed, and then we build a home gym to exercise in or pay to go to a gym. And how is what we do in the gym more enjoyable? You can do the same or similar exercises cleaning your house, and have the satisfaction of a clean house and a job well done. And you don’t have to drive half an hour in peak rush hour to the gym, shower in a communal shower, pay for gym and pay a cleaner.

Many years ago a wise woman told me a secret to the mundane tasks that we do everyday to keep our houses clean, our family sent out into the world in presentable manner, etc. Focusing on each task, remember to be thankful and grateful for the privilege to be able to – wash that dish, fold that pair of underwear, shine those shoes. I am intentionally aware of the abundance that God has allowed me in this day and age. And it gives an opportunity to mentally focus (perhaps even praying for them) on the person that uses that item that we are cleaning, straightening, etc. Ever since I adopted that practice, I have never thought of the tasks at hand to be undesirable.

I find that singing whilst washing the dishes helps when I’m upset and gives me the space and time to calm down, scrubbing and cleaning rids me of my stress. It may seem like mundane tasks but the repetitive actions with the resulting product helps me focus and put things in a better perspective as I pray.

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