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A few weeks ago I shared one of the running workouts from A Faster 10K Training Plan (eBook), giving you a preview of the hill repeat fun to help you build functional leg strength and prepare for speedwork.

This week, I wanted to share a preview of another major component of the training plan – strength training!

This workout is intended for individuals who have been exercising regularly for at least 2 months & can perform all exercises with good form. Remember to consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

There are a lot of online running plans available, but strength training is often missing from those programs. This was an area of run training that I never knew how to approach before I became a coach. Many training plans listed “cross training” or “strength training” on the schedule, but no details. What was I supposed to do?

You won’t be left guessing with A Faster 10K Training Plan, because there are three sets of strength workouts included in the plan (including video demonstrations). This preview workout is the first upper body series of the training plan. There’s also a home workout option in the training plan, but I’ve only included the gym option today.

Workout Details

All the workouts in the training plan contain supersets, so  you can get your heart rate up and move through your workout efficiently. Complete 2-3 rounds of each numbered superset (one exercise performed right after the other), resting 30-60 seconds between rounds. Lift as heavy as you can without sacrificing form. You can always drop down a weight in the middle of the set to finish with good form!

Upper body workouts are often overlooked by runners – you don’t need to strengthen your upper body do you? Actually yes! I talked about this recently on a Persicope broadcast (have you joined yet?) – but think about your running form.

You can watch video explanations of each exercise below:

Looking for more workouts? You can browse all workouts here, including options for the gym & home.

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