This 20-Minute Cathartic Yoga Flow Provides a Much-Needed Emotional Release |

Managing all these feelings can be challenging, to say the least. Rather than letting negative, restless energy stay stuck inside you or boil over, it’s better for you — and those you love — if you find a healthy, positive way to process, express and release this expanse of emotions.

“Yoga helps us to see what we are really feeling and experiencing, allowing us to sit with ourselves, just as we are,” says Calgary-based yoga instructor Paige Berling-Mackenzie. “This is important for catharsis, because before we can release, let go, move through and move on, we need to know where we are at and what’s really happening in the first place.”

In other words, sitting still enables us to recognize our thought patterns and examine the root of our emotions. And, in the process, what we often learn is that our surface feelings, including confusion, anger, frustration and sadness, come from a deeper place of grieving, hurt or shame.

Designed by Berling-Mackenzie, this 20-minute cathartic flow will provide emotional release and refuge during trying times. As you perform this soothing sequence, allow yourself to move through your yoga practice with an intimate awareness of your feelings.

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