Staying Connected to Yin and Yang with Yoga at Home

Hopefully, if working from home is an option in your life, you’re already doing it.

In fact, it’s very likely you’re already familiar with the phrases “social distancing” and “flattening the curve.” If you’re not, they’re very simple ideas:

Social Distancing: Maintaining a physical distance from those outside of your nuclear family or living situation in order to slow, and ideally prevent, the spread of coronavirus cases.

Flattening the Curve: By slowing the spread, the number of active cases of infection at any given moment is kept manageable for medical workers and hospitals so that facilities are not overwhelmed and everyone can receive treatment safely.

These are not new measures. With nearly 8 billion human beings living on the planet, these tactics are standard for containing viruses.

But the practical effect on the daily lives of those engaged in social distancing is a complete uprooting of routine, personal equilibrium, and the rhythm of life. 

It’s important to maintain a sense of order while the things we can’t control seem to be free-falling. 

For lots of people, one of the most difficult things about isolation is the severing of the connection to the rest of the world – and what that means for our energies. We need balm for the soul, too – handwashing for the spirit. 

One thing that can help? Participating in deliberate, mindful, centering practices, including, but not limited to, yoga…

Especially as it relates to the Taoist classification of energies as being either Yin (passive, internal cooling, and downward) or Yang (dynamic, external, warming, and upward).

To keep your energy flowing without too much disruption throughout the day, practice yang yoga in the morning, and yin yoga at night.

Here are some easy moves to practice for yang yoga…

Yang Yoga

Yang yoga does a number of things in the body that help it stir the sleepies away and wake up. It’s focused on strengthening and toning the body, improving circulation, stretching the muscles, connecting movement with breath, awakening and sustaining stamina, and loosening tension.

Try this movement sequence to activate the body’s energy flow:

Friday, we’ll get into the benefits of yin yoga, and include a stretching sequence for optimal cooling down.

But give this sequence a try in the mornings and let us know if you felt a difference in how you started your day! 

Did you feel energized physically? Spiritually? Mentally? Do you think you’ll practice it again the next day?

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