Stay Fit with these Five beast-mode workouts PopSci editors are doing from home

Getting into a new routine to help you stay fit is important. Something I just started doing (like literally 5 minutes ago), is getting in 10 pushups every time I go downstairs.  I don’t really like doing pushups, but I know they’re good for me J so… well, do whatever works for you.


This article from Popular Science takes a look at what some of their people are doing to stay fit. No matter what you do, try to have some fun, we all need a little bit fun in our lives now more than ever!

Get Fit – Live Well

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Our immune systems could use the boost. All around the world, people are finding creative ways to live their best lives while social distancing. Roving outdoors is a healthy option if you have access to large, uncrowded spaces—but you can also keep your fitness up by making an yard, alley, or bedroom floor your new playground. Extreme times call for extreme measures. PopSci editors are helping to flatten the curve by bringing their nerdy gym regimens home. And sharing them with you, of course. Five beast-mode workouts PopSci editors are doing from home

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