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Traveling — even for fun — can be tough on our bodies. Hours spent in airline seats, heavy meals and long stretches of touristy walking or standing can leave muscles and joints stiff and achy.

I asked two well-known fitness trainers, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, for some simple exercises that travelers of any age or condition can do on the move, no matter where they may be. Ms. Halfpapp and Mr. DeVito (who are married) were pioneers in the “barre” exercise movement, which is a workout routine designed around the wooden rail that ballet dancers use for stability during practice. Their first piece of advice: Everywhere you look you can find a stand-in for an exercise barre.

“Try to look for anything that can be used as a barre,” says Ms. Halfpapp, who along with Mr. DeVito co-founded Exhale Spa, which offers barre and yoga at 20 locations in the United States and Bermuda. “Especially with jet lag and time change, you can do these stretches just to recirculate the body and get yourself back to a balanced state of flexibility and strength.”

When Ms. Halfpapp was traveling near Dublin, an old stone wall on a hill inspired her and her companions to do a standing thigh stretch, using the stone wall as a barre. A tree, an ornate bridge, a park bench, the railing on a cruise ship — all work as makeshift exercise barres perfect for stretching and strengthening a traveler’s tired body.

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