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It can be a struggle to keep up with your fitness routine when you’re galavanting around the globe. While traveling and exploring new places, you never know what a new city has to offer in terms of fitness or gyms — plus, you’re busy having fun! — so it’s often hard to stick to your usual workouts.

It’s hard to bring your own bike with you on vacation, but renting one is generally pretty easy. Many hotels even offer up free bike rentals to guests, so be sure to ask. “There’s usually a fun community ride you can hop into, especially when you don’t know the area well,” says Meyer. Or just explore on your own. “Cycling is a great way to discover a new city.”

“I like to design my travel workouts as time-based circuits,” says Rosante. “That way, I can expand or contract as my time allows.” He suggests a five-move circuit, performing each move for 50 seconds with a 10-second transitional rest between moves. “All in, that’s five minutes — repeat four times and that’s a 20-minute workout,” he says. “Got less time? Do fewer rounds. Got more? Do more rounds. Or add a new circuit.”

Santucci says traveling is a good opportunity to mix up your routine and step out of your comfort zone. “Look into finding something new and unique to try in a place you’re exploring as opposed to going and doing the same thing,” he says. Boutique fitness classes are a great option since you don’t need to sign up for a membership, or take advantage of nearby outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and paddleboarding.

Unless you’re training for a specific race or competition, don’t worry about following your usual training plan perfectly. “You need a certain level of consistency in your training to see measurable results, but don’t let it derail your life,” says Rosante. “For example, if you’re lifting but find yourself traveling with no gym nearby, pack a resistance band and plan for bodyweight workouts. Up your reps and really slow down the eccentric portions of each movement and you’ll be surprised at how challenging a bodyweight session can be.”

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