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Around this time last year I hired a personal trainer to help me get in shape.  Actually, I mostly just wanted to learn how to use everything in the gym and get strong enough and competent enough with the equipment to be able to workout by myself.  A few months ago, I felt like I knew enough to run my own show so I said goodbye to my trainer.  After some time passed, I remembered the real reason I hired him.  It was to hold me accountable so I would actually show up and do something.  That’s the hardest part for me.  I find that I will make almost any excuse to myself to avoid it.  So, it’s really important that I find ways to get motivated and stay motivated when I finally do strap on my shoes and get my move on.  I’m really enjoying the Intel SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds as part of that motivation.  They can measure my heart rate with a built-in optical sensor (Bye Bye Chest Strap), let me enjoy my favorite music with premier sound quality and will sync with the RunKeeper App I downloaded to my smartphone.  Plus,the 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack delivers all the power I’ll ever need for biometric monitoring. So, there’s nothing to replace or recharge. Yay to that!

I need that motivation and app feedback because I have a goal from last year that I never completed.  It totally annoys me because it’s something I really wanted to do and I just didn’t do it.  I want to run in two races.  Last year I said that I wanted to walk or run in two fun runs.  I didn’t do it.  So, this year I’m saying that I want to RUN in two fun runs or even a 5k!  I learned a lot about getting fit last year, so I’m starting off a little better than I was.  That makes me feel like these goals are attainable.  However, I do get bored with repetition.  So, I like to vary where I exercise.  This is me at a local park trying to take the best photo I can that makes me look thin.  Just keepin’ it real.  ?

I got my Intel SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds at Amazon.  (UPDATE: They are super inexpensive now!  When I got mine they were $149, now they’re under $20.)  My favorite online shopping spot!  Is there anything I haven’t bought from them?  I even got my gym bag from them.  I love that thing.  You can see it below cradling my new earbuds with love.

My favorite online shopping spot!  Is there anything I haven’t bought from them?  I even got my gym bag from them.  I love that thing.  You can see it below cradling my new earbuds with love.

The sound quality of these earbuds is excellent!  I can exercise in the gym, the park or at home and really loose myself in my music. That’s especially nice when I want to tune out whatever the gym is blaring or when the dude next to me on the treadmill wants to have an out loud phone call.  Don’t do it man, seriously, take that call outside.  I don’t need to hear your business when I’m trying to de-fat myself.  That being said, you can totally answer a call with these earbuds, just ensure that the slider (see it near my shoulder a few photos above?) is in phone call mode and talk away.

A Rockin’ Playlist & My Rocky Dance

  If I’m really pushing myself I’m probably listening to “My Songs Know…/Light ‘Em Up” by Fallout Boy.  I love that song!  If I’m rocking out to that then I’m sweating because it’s my “work harder” song.  What’s nice about these earbuds is that they are IPX4-rated for protection against sweat and resistance to water.  So, I can sweat like a pig or run in a little rain and not worry about it.  They are also ultra-durable with a 40U-rubberized coating to resist chipping and scratching which is great in case I fling them out of my ears while I do a Rocky dance after completing a good session.

You can have the app let you know your average heart rate and current heart rate while you’re exercising because it’s monitored through your earbuds!  Amazing!  You simply go into the “Settings”, then choose “Audio Cues” and select Average Heart Rate and Current Heart Rate.  When I was walking (and doing a little jogging) it gave me verbal updates every 5 minutes.  I thought that was so great!  You can pause and resume your exercise.  I forgot to pause mine at the beginning so that’s why it drops off so much while I stood around.  Ack!  Selfies take time people.  LOL!

I’m pretty sure that everyone in my family wants a pair of these earbuds now.  It’s cool being able to monitor your heart rate, listen to music and use the phone with them.  They also come with 3 sizes of ear gels for a nice fit for your ear and a carrying case.  These are my prized earbuds, I don’t want them getting tangled or lost in my gym bag or purse, so that carrying case is a great addition.  Speaking of the ear, these fit comfortable and well.  BioSport improves the consistency of data collection with an ear-wing design that sits deeper in the ear canal for continuous, real-time heart rate monitoring. Fusing fitness with technology, the built-in sensor continuously measures heart rate while dynamically removing noise signals caused by the body’s motion during a workout.

One of the best things is keeping up with my kiddo.  Yes!  You can follow and encourage your friends and family with the app!  You could even walk at the same time, in different locations and talk on the phone using your earbuds!  What?!  I should have never written that.  My daughter is definitely going to use that logic to have me send her a pair while she’s away at college.  Pretty smart really.  That’s a great way for us to catch up on the phone and exercise at the same time.   Genius!  What a fun way to be together when we’re far away!

So, how do you get started running if you’re pretty much out of shape?  The RunKeeper App has a Training function that has some great plans to follow!  I chose the “Learn to Run” category and am following the “Beginner 5K To Finish Run Walk Run” workout.  It’s part of the Premium Training Plans that you can get as part “Runkeeper Elite”.

The workout looks great to me!  Another idea?  I heard a great suggestion from my husband’s boss.  He started running for the first time at age 60.  He said that he started running in his neighborhood and would try running from one mailbox to the next.  When he first started, he could only run to one mailbox and then he had to walk.  Each time he went out he tried to add the distance to one more mailbox.  Pretty soon he was running around the whole block.  Now he runs 5ks all the time.  That inspires me.  If he can do that at 60, what’s my excuse at 44?  I need to fold up my excuses and paper airplane them into a windstorm…or maybe run them somewhere else, while I track my progress in the RunKeeper App.

How would these earbuds help you in your fitness journey?

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