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The first time I did a creepy crawler plank sequence, my arms gave out halfway through the first set. This is a core move, but your shoulders get a lot of the love too, by which I mean mine were wobbling like bowls of Jell-O about two reps in. A few seconds later and my abs and obliques went up in flames. This move is no joke, you guys.

My favorite creepy crawler (also called Spider-Man plank) sequence consists of two sets of 10 reps, one set touching my knee to the outside of my triceps and one set driving my knee across my chest to the opposite elbow. Give your arms and abs some relief with a short break or a downward-facing dog pose in between sets. Warm up your abs (I use these four activation moves) before you get into it, or stick this sequence at the end of your favorite ab workout; this simple four-minute plank sequenceis a great choice. Keep reading to see exactly how to do the creepy-crawler plank move that’s been my kryptonite (in a good way) for years.

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