Free Tools to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

If you want to make a change, the best approach is to set realistic goals. This is your only chance of breaking out of your comfort zone in the long run. And with every goal you reach, your personal motivation and satisfaction increases.

Setting goals – Achieving goals

Do you want to change, but you expect too much of yourself?

Most people set unrealistic goals at first. When they realize their goal is unrealistic it’s already too late, because they have lost their drive. Naturally, we feel disappointed in ourselves when we cannot meet the goals we set.

These 2 key tips will help you to stay motivated:

Expert tip:

Before you start any new plan, lifestyle, diet, etc. ask yourself, “Can I do this forever?” If the answer is “no,” then you should probably look for a different solution. There are so many ways to get active!

“Personal Goals” in the Runtastic app: pursue individual goals

Your Runtastic app has a great motivational feature: you can set Personal Goals! You can find the new feature in the Progress tab of your Runtastic app: just scroll down to “My Goals”. Run several times a week, go for a walk daily, reach a certain number of kilometers by bike, or even climb a mountain three times a month — you decide!

Imagine how great it will feel when you reach the individual goal you set for yourself.

Short-term goal: your first bodyweight workout

If you want to reach your end goal, you have to be flexible day in day out. The Workout Creator in the Results app creates a customized workout for you in seconds. Got only 10 minutes? No problem. Want to focus on your abs? You got it! Just select duration and muscle group and your customized workout is ready!

You will reach your goals — one workout at a time! And when the initial motivation wears off, try one of these 7 ways to motivate yourself to work out when you are not feeling it!

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