7 Yoga Routines To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

These yoga routines will help relieve pain in the neck and shoulders – they worked wonders for me!

A few weeks ago, I hurt my neck. I was not doing anything too wild, just turned around to talk to someone too fast (and too furious, I guess).

I was in pain for a few days, cried my eyes out and hated the world.

The one thing I did, that I’m actually proud of, was going on the internet and finding some super helpful yoga flows to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Like that, just in a few days – my neck was fine again.

You say a few days are too long? Well, usually it lasts longer for me.

These here are some of the neck and shoulder routines I found and I really love.

Some of them I did regularly before, some are newer to me.

Nevertheless, once you do them, you’ll definitely feel less pain and freedom in your neck and shoulders.

Neck And Shoulder Pain Causes

So my question is: Where does this neck and shoulder pain come from? I did nothing wrong. I’m a good, younger person who exercises regularly and doesn’t eat that much crap. So why me?

Turns out you can hurt your neck and your shoulders, even in your 20-ies, 30-ies and even 10-eens when you do these things:

  • have a bad posture
  • sit for an extended period of time in front of the computer or hunched over the phone
  • grind your teeth in your sleep
  • sleep on a pillow that is too high or too low
  • or doing what I did: moving your head too fast and too furious while you’re working out, because you’re excited and you need to be punished for that excitement.

How To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

What I understood from watching countless videos and reading the occasional article here and there, is that, in many cases – neck, shoulder and back pain come from overextension or elongation of the muscles in the back.

While these are getting stretched all day long, the muscles in the front of the body are getting shorter and shorter until they look like the dwarfs that changed Snow White’s life. So naturally, they’re getting short and bitter.

But because they’re now evil these front muscles pretend they’re not the ones that need to be stretched. “Stretch out the back muscles, those suckers hurt.” And then they laugh at you while you’re in pain.

Well actually, no. I now know, when your neck, shoulders or back hurt, you’ll need to stretch the muscles in the front of the body and to basically strengthen the entire thing including your abs. Yes, abs aren’t just for rappers and models, we all need them.

7 Yoga Routines To Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain

I chose longer and shorter yoga routines – depending on how much time I had and how much time you have – make a choice! 

In my experience, the longer routines help me the most. But if you don’t have time, a quick routine will still relieve some of the pain.

Remember: do the exercises slowly, mindfully and don’t overstretch.

Disclaimer: Again, since the source of neck pain can be different for everyone, consult your doctor before doing any exercise.

3-Minute Yoga for Upper Back Tension


3-minute Yoga for Upper Back Tension by SarahBethYoga

This video is just 3 minutes long, but it’s great if you have stiff shoulders and it stretches the upper back as well.

5-minute Yoga For Neck & Shoulder Pain


Yoga For Neck Pain – Beginners 5 Minute Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Yoga by Yoga TX

Okay, so this one is my new favorite, because it’s just 5 minutes and it stretches the neck and shoulders. I feel like new again very quickly. I’d do it whenever I find time – in the evening or in the morning, sometimes even at work. Again, go slow and be mindful.

8-Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension


Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension by SarahBethYoga

I loved this 8-minute long stretch. It’s quick and it again releases tension. My favorite part are the monster shoulder rolls that we do towards the end.

12-minute Yoga For Upper Back Pain


Yoga For Upper Back Pain by Yoga With Adriene

Another video mainly for the shoulders and upper back. This one was also very relaxing and just 12 min.

14-minute Yoga for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back


Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back by yoginimelbourne

My neck and shoulders felt amazing (I mean, compared to all the pain I had) after this routine. It warms up the shoulder and upper back and stretches the neck and whole upper body.

15 Minute Neck & Shoulder Pain Yoga Class


Yoga For Beginners – 15 Minute Neck & Shoulder Pain Yoga Class by Yoga TX

This is one of my go-to neck and shoulder routines. Whenever I have pain and think I don’t have 20 min to do the next video (which is my favorite) I do this 15 min routine. It stretches out your chest, which helps a lot with neck and back pain. You perform also some neck rolls, very slowly to relieve the tension there.

20 Minute Beginners Yoga For Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain


Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain – 20 Minute Beginners Yoga For Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain by Yoga TX

Okay, so this is my absolute favorite routine. It is 20 minutes, but it’s definitely worth it. I absolutely love it – my whole back and my neck feel amazing afterwards. My favorite move is the one before the last one. It’s the first time I had seen this posture, so I was very impressed with how good it felt. If you have 20 min, try this for your neck and shoulders.

Stretches for People Who Sit at Desks


Stretches for People Who Sit at Desks by eFit30

Finally, if you know your stiff neck and shoulders come from sitting at a desk, I highly recommend giving yourself 20 minutes to do the work and follow this video. It’s not necessarily yoga, but it made me feel like I’m actually an alive person and not just a statue that can’t move if a tiger’s chasing her. Your posture will improve, your mood will improve, you’ll get a nice little confidence boost and you’re not just gonna stretch the neck and shoulders – you’ll stretch the hips, all the parts of your body you don’t even notice are affected by those hours and hours of sitting in the same place.

Whichever routine you choose, I hope they do help you spend less time in pain and more time being happy and feeling amazing!

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