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Throughout the country, people are taking to the streets and social media to protest the unjust killing of George Floyd, as well as the countless other black lives lost to police brutality in the U.S. If you’re a black yogi or looking for black yogis to support during this time, check out the thread below for a list of black yogis to follow right now. Then take a moment for stillness through yoga and mindfulness, so we can show up and continue to be of service to the collective call to action.

In general, follow these tips if you are overwhelmed by the voices on social media:

When you are ready for re-engagement, check out these healing feeds.

1. Listen to this sound healing for abolition with Heather Archer.

2. Listen to this podcast episode from Black Healers Connect on navigating grief with Nomakhosi.

3. Watch this 20-minute flow from Juanita Borges when you need some trust and guidance in this moment.

4. Reclaim your breath with this 10-minute meditation from Tracee Stanley.

5. Listen to a moment of silence by Lizzy Jeff.

6. Practice this heart opener with OMnoire.

7. Find your calm with JahSun through his tantra practices and sound healing sessions.

8. Follow Rachel Cargle if you’re in need of resources to share that unpack feminism through an intersectional, queer, and black lens.

9. Try this breathing technique with Sara Clark if you’re feeling overwhelmed in this moment.

10. Listen to this sound healing for empowerment with Koya Webb if you’re feeling helpless and deflated.

11. Follow Thick Girl Yoga and take her body positive yoga to remind yourself to take up space.

12. Remember to take a rest (and learn why it’s so important) with The Nap Ministry.

13. Practice this sequence for the neck and shoulders if you’re feeling particularly tense in those areas with Sihnuu Hetep.

14. Try this meditation for grief with Adria Moses if you heart is feeling heavy right now.

15. Hear Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts speak about her experiences as a black yoga teacher.

16. Watch this IGTV by Jessamyn Stanley for some of her favorite yoga poses for calm and stability during these times.

17. Try this 21-day yoga challenge with Donesia Rose if you need a routine to keep you self-regulated.

18. Download Julio Riveria’s app, Liberate Meditation, designed specifically for people of color.

19. Add Londrelle’s meditation albums to your Spotify playlist and support black artists.

20. Check out Octavia Raheem’s suggestions for ways black folks can unplug in this moment.

21. Head to Black To Yoga for meditation, yoga, and other resources for black yogis.

22. Share MADlines’ TikTok videos the next time you need to educate someone on community accountability, racism, and healing.

23. Follow Kelley Palmer for mindfulness parenting practices for black parents.

24. Check out one of Lauren Leavell’s barre classes and remember that moving your body and taking up space is a radical act.

25. Follow Nicole Cardoza and Yoga Foster for yoga and mindfulness resources to support students and their families during remote learning.

26. Follow Radiant Raja’s stories for community threads and wellness tips through the lens of a black queer yogi.

27. Listen to Phyllicia Bonanno’s sound healing video if you need to take a mindful moment for yourself.

28. Follow Mel Douglas and check out some of her digital yoga offerings.

29. Check out Megan Noel’s Soul Session series for self-care and wellness tips, plus asana and meditation practices.

30. Join Bridget every morning for her Sun Salutation practice and work your way up to 108 Sun Salutations.

31. Find herbs that will calm your nervous system with Jtruth Davine.

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